The only way to learn Japanese

The guide is not for beginners. You just wouldn't get it.

The two most important things for learning Japanese are: focus and immersion.

To learn Japanese you have to use Japanese. You have to surround yourself in Japanese, it must completely fill the world around you. You must say goodbye to your native language and conform to the new world of Japan. This is called immersion. Consider everything you do in English: music, video games, books, the internet, Tv shows and movies, even thinking. You must stop doing it in English and start doing it in Japanese. Every moment that you spend using English is time that you could be spending using Japanese. And because I know someone is going to ask: yes this includes porn as well. If you do not say goodbye to your native language then you will never truly get good at Japanese.

Of course there are times where we have to use our native language. I am not saying to stop using it completely. But rather, I am telling you to live your life as a Japanese person. Use your native language as little as possible. All of your entertainment and idle activities should be in Japanese. All of your friends should be Japanese. Anything that you do or ineract with should be Japanese. If you distract yourself with your native language then it will take a very long time to truly become fluent, and in many cases you will never reach that point at all. This is where the importance of focus comes into play. You must focus on your goal and keep yourself from getting distracted from groups like DJT,, Discord servers, IRC chat groups etc as they only exist to distract you from your goal and keep you using English. Have you noticed almost all of the members in these groups are not fluent? I get it, the internet is a fun place, but it's time to instead start having fun in Japanese. If you want to play on the internet, play on Japanese websites instead.

You must become a new person. Our thoughts, our ideals, our way of thinking is entirely molded by the language that we speek and the culture that surrounds us. If you truly want to become fluent in Japanese then you must leave behind the baggage of your old language and your old culture, and you must allow yourself to be molded by Japanese culture and the Japanese language. No ifs, ands, or buts. If you don't like Japanese music, it's time to start liking it. If you don't like Japanese media it is time to start liking it. If you are a feminist it is time to stop and leave behind your ideals - Japanese feminism is completely different from western feminism. Go all the way. I even go as far as encouraging you to adopt a new name. Your new life begins now...

How to get good at Japanese:

Reading: Read more.

Listening: Listen more.

Speaking: Speak more.

Writing: Write more.

The best way to get better at something is by doing it more often. The better you get at Japanese, the easier it will be to leave behind your old language. Do not place limits on yourself such as how much time you can spend immersed in a single day. Go as far as you can.

Not good enough to read native content normally? Read often and use something like Yomichan to help you until you know enough words to read normally. If real books are too hard, try children's books like the ones from 青い鳥文庫 or read manga. The best gains come from normal novels but you should expose yourself to as much material as possible like Japanese websites, social media, games etc.

Speaking of social media, delete all of your accounts and start over. Only follow native Japanese speakers.

Not good enough to listen? Listen often and use stuff like drama cd's and radios shows to develop your listening skills. Try to quiz yourself on the content being spoken. Do not listen passively. If you are a beginer, you can try websites like Supernative to develop your listening skills. Delete all of your playlists and only listen to Japanese music from now on. Do not say that you do not like Japanese music - Japanese is a language, not a genre. There is music in Japanese that you like, you just have to find it.

Not good enough to speak normally? Speak often with native speakers. Accent is bad? Try shadowing. Speaking is essential. Do not listen to the fools who tell you that you should not output: there is a reason they are not fluent. Output is essential for fluency. To become fluent requires you to interact with the world around you in Japanese; Interaction requires output.

Not good at writing? Write more. You could even try creative writing and have a native correct your mistakes, then rewrite it with the corrections. If your penmanship is poor learn proper stroke order. Never write with your left hand. In Japan, those who are left handed are taught to write with their right hand.


This method is called "The Way" because it is the only way to learn Japanese. Do not waste your time with e-celebs or language groups. Do not waste your time with products like RTK and WaniKani. Just use Japanese. Enjoy your new life.